Prerequisites for attending the CQRMS Training Program for Long-Term Care

Individuals seeking to attend the CQRMS for Long-Term Care must complete an application and meet the following established criteria:

  1. Currently employed by a long-term care facility
  2. Possess an Associates Degree in Nursing and have one (1) year of full-time long-term care experience; or
  3. Possess a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts Degree in any field and have one (1) year of long-term care experience; or
  4. Combination of education and three (3) years work experience in risk management, quality assurance, or long-term care management and actively employed in the long-term care profession.

Certification Requirements for Long-Term Care

The CQRMS does offer a professional certification to individuals who:

  1. Have been approved to attend the CQRMS Training Program; and
  2. Attended each daily session of the CQRMS Training Program; and
  3. Have passed two (2) examinations with a combined score of 75% or higher (offered at the end of each training session).

Certification Renewal Requirements

In order to maintain certification, individuals must renew their certification every two (2) years. To renew, each certified risk manager must:

  1. Complete a renewal application; and
  2. Submit copies of attendance certificates totaling twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education credit that was completed during the two (2) years since certification or re-certification related to long-term care and/or approved by the ALTCQI; and
  3. Pay renewal fees.

Download the CQRMS Renewal Form

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